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Ultimate Traffic Creator Review – Best Traffic Bot 2022

Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr is an established traffic bot service that has been on the market for several years, generating adjustable bot traffic since 2018.

High End-Quality Bot Traffic

Traffic Creator offers high-quality bot traffic, which uses residential IPs to generate its professional bot traffic packages. As a result, Traffic Creator is capable of simulating human-like bot traffic in enormous numbers. In addition to high-quality bot traffic, they also offer affordable bot traffic generated through datacenter IPs.

Economy Traffic Packages

All Economy traffic packages use datacenter IPs to generate bot traffic. For this reason, Economy traffic plans are very affordable compared to bot traffic using residential IPs.


Cost-effective methods to manipulate and improve traffic statistics include Google Analytics Universal, Global Alexa Ranking, SemRush Global Google Ranking…

Professional Traffic Packages

Professional traffic packages are using residential IPs to generate high-quality bot traffic. It’s capable to generate traffic, which will just be like human traffic. It’s the best bot traffic quality you can currently get. Most traffic trackers will count website traffic, which uses residential IPs, such as Google Analytics G4, Google Analytics Universal, WordPress Jetpack, HiStats, Comscore, Statcounter, Leadid, Alexa Local & Global.


  • Affordable
  • Best For Global Alexa Ranking
  • Improves Global Ranking
  • Supports Google Analytics Universal


  • Regular Quality
  • Limited Traffic Tracker Support (Google Analytics G4)

I can recommend using professional traffic as it has the best effect on search engine rankings and is fully trackable by most traffic trackers! This traffic looks just like human traffic and shows the best ranking results on global and local Alexa Ranking!

Traffic Creator Pricing

Traffic Creator has the lowest bot traffic prices compared to other bot traffic services! The pricing model is simple and offers great saving options. You can purchase 1,5 or 10 credits of each traffic plan. Each credit will allow you to create one traffic campaign, which can generate bot traffic to one domain and unlimited subpages. You can set up unlimited traffic projects unless you have enough credits.

Every purchase of credits will create a subscription, which can be canceled anytime.

Economy Traffic Plans – Without Discount

Economy plans (Datacenter IP addresses) without discounts
Economy plans (Datacenter IP addresses) without discounts

Professional Traffic Plans – Without Discount

Professional plans (Residential IP addresses) without discounts
Professional plans (Residential IP addresses) without discounts
Auto-Renew Feature

Switching the Auto-Renew option to OFF will not cancel your subscription! The Auto-Renew feature has nothing to do with the subscription. This feature will only deactivate the automatic withdrawal of available credits on your balance in order to renew your traffic project once it expires.

Discounts & Deals

Traffic Creator offers large volume discounts of up to 50% off the regular purchase price. Even low-traffic customers have access to great discounts!

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