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Ultimate SparkTraffic Review

Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr is the oldest bot traffic generator service I know and was previously known as is a trustworthy bot traffic generator throughout its long history and I can recommend the service in general. Sparktraffic is a sustainable partner that is very well suited for long-term traffic projects.

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Traffic Types/Quality

At there is the possibility to choose between the two bot traffic types Economy or Professional. Bot traffic generated via economy packages is inexpensive and of lower quality than the much more expensive professional traffic packages. The price is largely determined by the type/quality of IP used to generate your bot traffic.

Traffic generated by the use of datacenter IPs is extremely affordable. High-quality traffic generated through residential IPs is significantly more costly. Sparktraffic charges double the price for this!

Economy Traffic Projects – Datacenter IPs

The Economy traffic project uses datacenter IPs to generate bot traffic for your website. Any traffic using datacenter IPs is mostly considered low-quality traffic. Real humans will not use those IPs to visit a website, instead, datacenter IPs are used by crawlers or bot software. Therefore most traffic trackers will exclude this type of traffic by default.

UseCase – Economy Bot Traffic

Affordable bot traffic to improve your website statistics, global Alexa ranking, or benchmarking. Please make sure this kind of traffic will work for your intentions as datacenter IPs can cause problems.

  • Increasing & Adjusting Website Statistics
  • Boosting Global Alexa Ranking
  • Website Testing/Benchmarking

Professional Traffic Plan

The professional traffic project uses residential IPs to generate their bot traffic. This type of traffic imitates human traffic at its best. Residential IPs are used by 99% of all human internet users and therefore it’s the best option to simulate human traffic! Using residential IPs will decrease the risk of bot detection – your bot traffic will not cause any Captcha request.

UseCase – Professional Bot Traffic

If you need bot traffic as an addition to improve your global/local search engine rankings you should get a professional traffic plan.

  • Increasing & Adjusting Website Statistics
  • Boosting Local Alexa Ranking
  • Boosting Global Alexa Ranking
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Website Testing/Benchmarking

Bot Traffic Tracking

SparkTraffic’s bot traffic will not be tracked by every traffic tracker. You will need to have a traffic tracker installed, which SparkTraffic supports. If you have no supported traffic tracker installed, there is a high possibility that the bot traffic will not be tracked at all or only partially.

Supported Traffic Tracker
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google Analytics GA4 (Only with Professional Plans)
  • WordPress Jetpack
  • Alexa Certified
  • HiStats
  • Comscore
  • Statcounter
  • Leadid

Public Pageview Counter

If you want to increase views on your public page view counter, you need to be very careful! SparkTraffic does not guarantee to work with any unsupported traffic counter, which will include a counter that reacts even on simple page reloading. In our testing, we have not found any pageview counter that was working with Sparktraffic. If you want bot traffic to improve your view counter on your website we can not recommend SparkTraffic at all.


Sparktraffic has monthly plans, which you can cancel anytime! Which is fabulous!

But there is a downside to their pricing model! It looks like you can get 20.000 visitors for only $5.99, but you only get those rates with the yearly plan. In conclusion, they have excellent prices for value.

Up To 40% Discount

These bot traffic prices are only available with a minimum purchase of 12 credits. The purchase of 12 Mini Economy credits will cost $72 per month! Each credit will cost on average $6, which can be misleading.

True Traffic Costs

High Traffic Prices Without Bulk Order Discount

The bot traffic prices as shown below will apply if you decide to buy a single traffic credit. Discounts are only available for larger orders or on special events.

When you are looking for long-term bot traffic, Sparktraffic has some great discounts available. Those low prices are only for datacenter bot traffic, in case you need residential IPs, you need to multiply the economy price times two and you got the correct prices.


How We Tested SparkTraffic

We bought a mini economy credit for illustration and tracked the bot traffic via Google Analytics Universal for this review. Additionally, we used an UTM to separate our traffic from the bot traffic generated by SparkTraffic. Therefore the following traffic data only shows bot traffic by Sparktraffic which has used the following traffic settings:

Google Analytics Results
Traffic Bot Results In Google Analytics Universal (1 Day) – Mini Economy Traffic Plan.
Traffic Bot Project Settings

Traffic Plan: Mini Economy
Traffic Speed:
Visitors Per Day: 666
Pageviews Per Day: 2000
Bounce Rate: 20%
Visitor Return Rate: 20%
HTTP Language Code: en

Google Analytics Access

Performance Problems!

Contrary to the set 20% Visitor Returning Rate, we could only measure 3% VRR through Google Analytics in our test. SparkTraffic fails to deliver the VRR values, we have set in our project settings. We couldn’t find other performance issues, however, it seems the generation of specific amounts of returning visitors is not possible with the SparkTraffics bot traffic generator.

Customer Support

Sparktraffic has improved its customer support in the past years. However, chat support is only helpful during regular work hours. Contacting chat support in the late evening or night is the only good to get answers to basic questions. Unfortunately, they are not able to help with traffic issues and most problems during those hours. If you need actually help with your traffic you will have to contact the support during the day!


  • Quick Response
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • E-Mail Support
  • Phone Support


  • Refund Policy
  • Support during late hours
Refund Guideline

SparkTraffic warrants the media on which SparkTraffic Software is recorded to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of seven (7) days from the date of original retail purchase.


Payment Options

SparkTraffic provides a large variety of payment options to its customers. You will be able to pay through:

  • Credit Card
  • Banktransfer
  • Prepaid Card
  • Mobile Payment
  • Crypto

Sparktraffic doesn’t accept PAYPAL!

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